Silver ion FILTER

Universal conical filter for mokas with silver ions

Excellent italian or american coffee

Saves 10% coffee

Saves energy




Better coffee with: less dust in the filter less thermal energy

Silver io filter from different sides

Advantages over the traditional filters

Silver ion filter advantages

The special shape of a cone trunk allows for better coffee: when hot water rises upwards, it crosses all of the coffee powder contained in the top of the filter, including the coffee near the walls. So coffee “comes up” sooner and it tastes better.

Dust is reduced by about 10% and thermal energy consumption is reduced by 20%.

Easy and fast cleaning

Silver ion filter easy cleaning

The famous Moka was conceived in Italy in 1933.
Over time the exterior form has changed in many ways. However, the funnel-shaped filter, where coffee powder is placed, has remained the same.
The CONIC FILTER is a great innovation, for this reason it has been selected by ADI DESIGN INDEX as an example of excellence in Italian design.

Silver ion filter selected by ADI Design Index

Save the environment – and your money!

Silver ion filter saves the environment

Silver ion filter saves energy and coffee

Food grade aluminium kettle with silver ion treatment

Silver ion filter aluminium and treatment

How it’s used

How to use Silver ion filter

What kind of coffee can you make?

4 excellent italian espresso coffee …

4x italian espresso with Silver ion filter

… Or a good American coffee by adding hot water

Amercan coffee with Silver ion filter

Sketches and computer drawing

Silver ion filter sketches and drawings

Molds and prototypes

Each conical filter is handmade by a master craftsman, you have to change the machining five times and no machine can do this.

Silver ion filter prototypes

Additional information


62 mm


60 mm